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Real eye candy! KITCHEN – NORTH CORNER – BEFORE KITCHEN – NORTH CORNER – AFTER Other progress: The new back door in the kitchen, roughed in: The view from the door: The actual door that we’ll put there: The upstairs demolition for rotted siding: The replaced studs and siding boards: Some of the outside work: …

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It could have been an omen, that our Maine driver’s licenses arrived this morning. After taking two days “off” (one to celebrate all the mothers), we popped up to Troy with Annie and Homer and a small list of possible tasks. We’d been feeling a little doldrum-ish, with the indeterminate state of the camper program, …

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My editor when I was Design Director for the Christian Science Monitor, the late Dick Cattani, took seriously the charge to manage the whole newspaper — not just the reportage and editing, not just the graphics and photography, not just the fonts and overall publication design — ALL of it, in concert. In today’s parlance, …

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Some of you (whom I won’t identify but whose name rhymes with Bloria) were offended that yesterday’s post was so short that clicking “Read More” actually revealed nothing more. As the old-time radio host used to say, here is the “rest of the story.” Yesterday: Mark came over about 12:30 as promised. He got distracted …

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