Takin’ Care of Business

If you’re following our Maine-cabin-in-the-woods adventure to any degree, this update will be a disappointment. I stayed home and made phone calls.

But the results are (kinda) exciting:

  • Tomorrow the plumber is meeting us about 10:30. He lives next door.
  • Friday the electrician is meeting us about noon.
  • The heating contractor has almost finished one bid and should have both bids ready tomorrow, for radiant hot water and forced hot air propane systems
  • Tomorrow we will go to the town office and register the dogs, find out about trash and recycling, apply for tax abatement, etc.
  • Received and printed copies of the dogs’ rabies certificates (I love the internet)
  • The homeowner’s insurance on the Virginia property is cancelled
  • We have applied for Maine auto insurance

In addition, changed my address on several online accounts; unsubscribed from about 20 email lists that had a Virginia emphasis; and (last night) posted Craigslist and Uncle Henry’s classifieds for the abandoned 275-gal. kerosene tank on the porch.

Tomorrow: Back to utopia, this time with Marsh and 2 dogs. Simon will stay behind, mopy, but no more mopy than he would be if we brought him.

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