The Greening of Maine


Back up to the house today for four hours, the two of us plus Homer and Annie. Annie is still in recovery from her spaying, but seemed sprightly enough to manage. She did fine.

It was sunny and 65 F at the height of the afternoon.

In every yard we passed — every yard — a human was out raking, hoeing, scooping up jetsam, or chatting with a neighbor over an automotive-related repair project. Spring has arrived.

While I worked to uncover more walls, tearing down sheetrock and insulation, Marsh filled wheelbarrow load after wheelbarrow load with trash scraps, brambles, and broken glass from around the property. She identified the site for our vegetable garden. She took bucolic pictures:

photo3   photo2   photo2 (1)

We took a walk back to or beyond the midpoint of the property. I was so enchanted by our burbling brook I forgot to take pictures. But we inspected the mystery “sinkhole”:

photo3 (1)

…and determined:

  • It’s only about 4 feet deep (but certainly a danger to children)
  • It’s probably a cistern or spring well, kept full by the nearby “stream” which amounts to little more than snow runoff.

Eventually we’ll have to cover it or fence it to keep it safe, but beyond that what? Perhaps a perpetual source of fresh water would be a boon. Intriguing. (Or, my new fantasy: dig a pond in about this location! Perhaps in a couple of years! Grandchildren love ponds!)

Inside the house we found no more rot, wetness, or mold anywhere near as severe as the first locations. Very encouraging.

We took down the last of the dividing wall between the kitchen and family room. Here’s the complete kitchen space:


(The rotted boards are at the top left and top right corners of the far wall.)

We’re having tremendous fun visualizing various kitchen layouts in this space — without getting ahead of ourselves.

Tomorrow I meet our one-man pro-building support team; we should get the go-ahead for all structural repair, plus siding repair; he’s also bringing a few more tools and a ladder (on loan) and a modular 12’x12′ dog kennel (which we’re buying).

Monday we’ll order the full dumpster removed and replaced with an empty one, and the waltz goes on….

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