Wish Crossed

Garnet Jefferson, kid sister to Ellie (Wish Upon His Heart, Mercy Lake Magic Book 1), isn’t a kid anymore by the time her wish-granting magic awakens. And as both a late bloomer and a compulsive planner, she thinks she should have mastered fairy godmothering by now.

Why isn’t the magic clicking? How are there so many things she doesn’t know?

At the same time, she rekindles a friendship with Jeremy Ruth, an old school pal, but the two of them are warned by their families, Jeffersons and Ruths don’t mix. The Ruths are strangely clever with a magic verging on witchcraft, and the Jeffersons are fairy godmothers, full of sweetness and light.

The ancient vendetta is converging on their present. Garnet’s and Jeremy’s respective magics seem bound to be at odds, but can the new generation turn prejudice to charm and defy history?

Wish Crossed is the third standalone small-town romance set in the enclave of Mercy Lake, home to the magical Jeffersons, and includes reappearances by Grammy and precocious Katie.