Wish In a Bottle

Andrea Jefferson has felt cursed since she was eight and threw a bottle with a message into Mercy Lake.  But 20 years later the lake has spit it back out, right into the hands of Nick, a handsome divorced man from across the country, summering next door with his two little boys.

Unlike her cousin Ellie (Wish Upon His Heart, Mercy Lake Magic Book 1), Andrea doesn’t grant wishes — at least not in the fairy godmother fashion.  Andrea’s magic, which emanates from rocks and the deep forces of the earth, has set her apart from the Jefferson family, as she guides and guards the community around her in unnoticed ways. Is this her “curse,” or does it, in fact, hold all the answers she’s been looking for?

Is her magic a faulty aberration, or is it exactly what it is supposed to be?

While Andrea and Nick are drawn ever closer by the secret in the bottle, Andrea has to find her own place, and how to embrace her special affinity for making things fit in strong and durable ways.  And she might just look up from the ground long enough to notice that she and Nick fit, too.