Wish Upon His Heart

Mercy Lake Magic, Book One.

Ellie is still learning the rules as the newest member in her family’s long line of fairy godmothers. It’s rewarding work making people’s dreams come true, but it can be lonely, too.

When Ellie accepts an assignment to give businessman Westin all the birthdays he missed out on as a child, she’s afraid she’s gotten in over her head. Westin is suspicious and skeptical, but Ellie is determined not to give up.

As Westin finds himself enjoying the childhood he never had, he begins to thaw, and Ellie finds herself growing attracted to this new, joyful Westin, and that terrifies her. After all, the first rule of fairy godmothers is that wishes granted cannot benefit the godmother herself — and finding true love would be the greatest benefit of all.

Wish Upon His Heart is a sweet romance featuring magic, joy, and how love grows from sharing them both.