A writer and an artist walk into the woods…

…and come out with a dozen sheep, a passel of dogs, eight laying hens, some rabbits, and a thriving and growing backlist of Kindle titles. You can check out our book cover design services, and subscribe for more updates from our farm and publishing adventures.

Coronavirus Update

The farm is alive and kicking. It’s been about 21 days since my first journal entry on the pandemic, more than two weeks since our last grocery shop, and more than 12 days since I was last off the pro…

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Book cover for The Sum of Love

The “Sum of Love” Cover Design

I thought some people would be interested in seeing the evolution of our ideas for the cover of our recently released novel, Olivia Lark’s The Sum of Love. This is a sampling only — I developed ma…

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We’ve talked many, many times about using cloth towels and rags in place of paper towels, and despite sounding like a smart idea, it has never taken hold (with me). This time we (Marsh) bought like…

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The aracaunas, pretending it’s time for a spring dustbath, even though they haven’t resumed laying yet. None of the chickens have, and they’re about a month delayed. Casting about for ways to kickstar…

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In 2018 we had a lovely potato harvest (Kennebec), about 50 lbs. I let them cure 2-3 days, then stowed them in our basement, which keeps at 55% humidity and about 55 degrees F. Unfortunately, t…

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animal footprints in snow

Where to next?!

With The Sum of Love out now, and while we track its page-reads and reviews, it’s time to open a new chapter at Three Bunny Farm Press. We’re excited to announce we’re working on a relaunch in May of …

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