Discover the Magic of Mercy Lake

Where’s Mercy Lake? In these delightful books, Mercy Lake is a pine-sheltered cottage enclave around a very old New England pond.

As for the magic, does it come from the pond? Few people will even admit there’s magic to begin with – and even fewer of those know the source. Let’s just say there may be something to the rumor that “Grammy” Jefferson has never been known to stray farther than a mile from her cottage. She’s very fond of her rowboat, and if she goes anywhere it’s likely to be just across the pond.

In a soon-to-be four-volume series, Elizabeth True mashes up fairy godmother wish-making with cosy romance in modern-day America. Come to Mercy Lake and bring your heart’s true desire!

Stay tuned for book 4, Wish Born, coming 2021.

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Wish Upon His Heart (Mercy Lake Magic Book 1)

Ellie Jefferson is very, very good, and very, very happy – she makes people’s wishes come true. She’s a Jefferson fairy godmother, and she’s in the prime of her magic.

She juggles the wish-granting with her ‘day job’ of planning children’s parties. But when the family of businessman Westin Albright become a client, it’s both: birthday fun – for a grown man, no less – and a wish. But whose wish?

Could she be inadvertently granting her own wish – for what, a soulmate? Love? Because that would be wrong, and against all the fairy godmother rules.

Wish In A Bottle (Mercy Lake Magic Book 2)

There’s a deep earth magic at the center of Mercy Lake that Andrea Jefferson calls her own – but she’s always been the odd-cousin-out for not being a regular fairy godmother with wishes and stuff.

But now her sweet, strange ability to make things fit seems to be fading, just when she meets Nick, who is vacationing nextdoor with his two little boys.

When the boys dig up a bottle with a secret message, it could open a path for Andrea to finally understand her powers, and with that, maybe see a fit in her life for someone like Nick.

Wish Crossed (Mercy Lake Magic Book 3)

Garnet Jefferson, kid sister to Ellie, isn’t a kid anymore by the time her magic awakens.

Even then, the wish-granting just doesn’t click. There so many things she doesn’t know!

Garnet seeks moral support from Jeremy Ruth, an old school pal. But then her family sternly reminds her: Jeffersons and Ruths don’t mix.

Can their friendship blossom – or even survive – while an ancient vendetta between magical families gathers force like a looming thunderhead?